The Alliance for Congress will help Congress invest in its own capacity to tackle big issues and serve the public good.


A Congress that earns the public trust by more effectively listening, leading and legislating for our entire diverse nation.

Congress represents far more than the politics and policies of the day. It is a critical democratic institution serving as the people’s voice in our government. Congress advances our national interests, supports our economy and assists Americans in need. Every day, members of Congress and their staff are addressing our country’s urgent challenges under difficult circumstances.

But political differences often make compromise elusive. Public trust in government and Congress are near all-time lows, and recent events have placed tremendous strain on the institution.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the ability of lawmakers and their staff to operate and legislate in a crisis. The movement for racial justice has compelled many to reexamine our institutions, including Congress, and ask what more can be done to ensure that the House and Senate reflect and represent the interests of our diverse nation. Moreover, the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was a wake-up call for the urgent need to invest in this cornerstone of our democracy.

Congress is at a tipping point. Today’s stark realities demand that we rebuild the capacity of Congress so that it is better equipped to listen, to lead and to legislate.

The Partnership for Public Service’s Alliance for Congress supports a more effective Congress that better meets the country’s diverse needs and interests. The Alliance will build on the Partnership’s two decades of experience working with the federal workforce and government agencies to increase collaboration, accountability, efficiency and innovation. In working with Congress, the Alliance will promote the importance of public service and stewardship, and champion common sense, nonpartisan improvements to make Congress a more capable and effective institution.

Working collaboratively with individuals and organizations, the Alliance will offer insights into why a well-functioning Congress matters, recognize what it does well, elevate new and diverse voices and provide critical resources to lawmakers and staff to help them build an institution that can more fully represent and serve the interests of our nation.

Our work will help Congress:

Earn the public’s trust by operating with a problem-solving mindset that helps government work better, deliver results on critical issues and ultimately, build a stronger democracy.

Pass solution-driven legislation with broad support from both sides of the aisle.

Conduct productive oversight of the federal government that identifies and resolves problems, and fosters a constructive relationship between the branches of government.

Train, recognize and cultivate a professional, dedicated and diverse congressional workforce with a shared commitment to the health of the institution.

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CHECK THIS OUT! Read our latest blog post on how leaders in Congress can benefit from adopting @publicservice’s Public Service Leadership Model. At its core, the model asks: “How can we do the most good?” Learn more about this model: http://ow.ly/L5IX50GypCM

People of color make up 40% of the U.S. population, but only 11% of all Senate top staff. Read the @JointCenter's report on lack of diversity in the Senate following the @sblsc1977 & @CapitolHillCBA's urgent call for greater #diversity on #CapitolHill. http://ow.ly/9m3Z50GuR80

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