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The Alliance for Congress works with people and organizations who believe in good government and seek to champion improvements that will better equip Congress to deliver results for the public. Our work is driven by engagement with members of Congress, staff and constituents, and by research that uses data and evidence to explain why Congress matters and how it can work better.

This library contains resources and information relevant for lawmakers, staff, media, researchers, federal agencies and others working to improve the institution of Congress.  

We work with our allies within the Alliance for Congress Research Network to generate and promote new and meaningful research designed to better understand and address issues related to congressional functionality. Through this network, we share timely and relevant research initiatives and findings, partner on projects, provide insights and hold meaningful discussions on how Congress works and how it could improve to better serve our diverse nation. The network is a resource for scholars and research institutions, and a platform for all interested parties to discuss challenges facing the institution, propose forward-looking solutions and set a course toward a more effective Congress.

For more information about our research network, the Alliance’s research and that of our allies, please contact Chayenne Polimedio at [email protected].

Racial Diversity Among Top Staff in Senate Personal Offices

This report provides evidence regarding the lack of racial diversity among U.S. Senate personal office top staff positions. This report defines personal office top staff as all chiefs of staff, legislative directors, and communications directors in the Washington, DC personal offices of the U.S. Senators. The data reflect Senate employment as of January 2020.

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Testimony & hearings
Demand Progress and Project on Government Oversight Senate Testimony on security clearances for Congressional staff

Demand Progress and the Project On Government Oversight submitted written testimony urging the Senate Appropriations Legislative Branch Subcommittee to permit Senate staff to have access to Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) to strengthen the Senate’s oversight of traditional national security matters such as the spending and operations of the military and the intelligence community, as…

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State of the Congress: Staff Perspectives on Institutional Capacity in the House and Senate

“State of the Congress” focuses primarily on the resource and operational challenges congressional staff have been facing over the past few decades and provides a context for them. It offers new insight into the roots of current congressional dysfunction and paths toward pragmatic reforms to strengthen Congress and American democracy.

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